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LOTUS 7 | ESTFIELD Style Self Made Car

Self built car for track days and enjoying the summer streets. 





  • Refurbished N45B20S stock engine

  • Sleeved cylinders

  • Dry sump lubrication system

  • Davies Graig Electric water pump

  • Removed auxilliary devices

  • 2,5" Stainless steel sports exhaust

  • ECUMaster EMU Black 

  • Extra sensors for engine protection features

Drivetrain and suspension

  • BMW 6-Speed Getrag gearbox

  • Custom driveshaft

  • Custom gear linkage

  • Lada solid axle with Limited Slip Differential

  • Duble wishbone front suspension

  • GAZ Gold adjustable suspension

Interior and exterior

  • 2x ECUMaster PMU16 power managment unit

  • ECUMaster CAN-Keyboard

  • Lada instruments

  • Customn two-peice bolt-on rollcage

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