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Rear floor strength plate BMW E46

Rear floor strength plate BMW E46

Rear floor strength plate BMW E46
A product intended for the BMW e46 rear floor, which is a major problem. The poor construction of the floor in the bracket on the rear suspension spruces and loosens. This product is designed to strengthen or repair and strengthen critical areas on the back of the floor. This product differs from many other manufacturers. They are not ordinary plates but a specially designed and properly bent set of reinforcements that match the ribbon in the floor of the BMW E46. They reinforce a large surface of the rear for maximum stiffness and durability.
The product is tested on the BMW E46 M3 at maximum overload and power
The material is (S355) with a thickness of 3 mm.
The product requires welding in the car's floor.
Laser cut plate that is bent to shape
The small trays are used where the picture shows. There are two different ones depending on whether you have the M3 version or not.
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