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Completely overhauled Skyline R33 with 360kw/480hp tune for daily use and occasionally enjoy track and drag racing.


  • Forged and balanced internals Tomei&Wiseco

  • Upgraded oil pump and extended sump

  • Added oil drain from cylinder head

  • Garrett G30 770 0.82AR turbo

  • 3,5” custom stainless steel exhaust

  • 6x Bosch 980cc injectors

  • Radium Fuel rail + damper

  • Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator

  • Performance intake manifold

  • ATI Harmonics Damper

Engine electronics 

  • Maxxecu Race with custom wiring harness

  • PRP Race V2 Trigger kit

  • VAG COP upgrade

  • E-throttle conversion 

  • Oil and fuel pressure sensors and engine protection

  • Ethanol content sensor

  • Cruise control ready

  • Traction control ready


  • New OE Nissan Skyline GTS gearbox

  • Nismo Clutch kit

  • Nismo gearbox mount

  • Nismo Short shifter

  • Nismo reinforced clutch pedal bracket


  • Active power steering control

  • Hicas delete

  • All parts powder coated

  • Polyurethane bushings

  • Refurbished brake calipers

  • Braided brake lines


  • Replaced and repainted satin interior parts

  • IMPUL Leather Sports seats

  • Blitz boost and oil pressure gauges

  • Modernised sound system with custom wiring

  • Engine bay rust repairs

  • Complete front  paint job

  • Exterior rust repairs and overspray

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