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Reinforced pressure plate Bmw M5 E34 "765"

Reinforced pressure plate Bmw M5 E34 "765"

Model: Bmw M5 E34 Year. 88-92 (3.6l)
Diameter: 240mm
about 600nm with organic clutch disc
+ about 25% with our sinter clutch disc (6-puck)
+ about 30% with our sinter clutch disc (4-puck)
The pressure plate is intended for 9.2 mm thick clutch disc . All our sinter clutch disc are 8mm thick.
If you use a clutch disc thicker than 9.2 mm, the pressure plate needs to be used with spacers with the same thickness as the difference between 9.2mm clutch disc as in your thicker clutch disc. For example if you use 10mm thick clutch disc you need to use spacer behind the pressure plate with thickness of 0.8mm.
If you use a thinner clutch disc as our sinter clutch disc of 8mm, you need to remove (in this case 9.2mm-8mm = 1.2mm) about 1.2mm on the flywheel where the contact surface against the pressure plate is for the pressure plate to get closer to the surface where the clutch disc is located.
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