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We can carry out an entire project or do a part of a bigger project car build. This is an overview of few more recent projects we've been working on.

Skyline R33 GTS.jpg


Completely overhauled Skyline R33 with 450kw/600hp tune for daily use and occasionally enjoy track and drag racing.


This is a sleeper street Volvo for retro dailying with around 300kw/400hp. The engine was rebuilt with forged internals and many supporting performance mods. Buttoning it up with custom paint and engine bay respray.

3 mooporpealp copy.jpg


Custom built street legal Kit Car for enjoying the sunny summer days and  having fun on track.


Unique combination of high torque Ford V10 and a Mustang body you can cruise around the streets with little effort at nearly idle RPMs.

DSC_1593-Recovered copy.jpg
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