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Turn extention kit E30 Drift (4 × 100)

Turn extention kit E30 Drift (4 × 100)

Turn extention kit E30 Drift (4 × 100)
The subject of the sale is a set of a customized lock kit for the BMW E30 (4 × 100).
Adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high quality finish and 100% matching of the adapter to the steering knuckle and pin ends.
For E30 (4 × 100) the adapters are made of structural steel. The control arm is cut with a laser and has precisely machined holes for pins and stabilizer mounting (we recommend its assembly for better driving of the car in skidding, especially when the suspension is not "concreted").
To install the set, you need to move the upper shock absorber mounting on your own [camber, relocator or E36 M3 pillow - we recommend the latter as a simple and reliable option].
The price is for a SET which includes:
Track width
This kit makes the car ~60mm wider in total
Control arm is 2x ~20mm
Adapters are 2x ~10mm
Steer angle
Turn angle / drift angle is 55-65 degrees
It depends on wheel and tire setup as well as alignment and other external factors.
Camber can be adjusted from ~ -5,5 to -6,5 degrees using M3 top mounts or even more with after market adjustable camber plates. This can be limited due to external factors.
CNC 71 - Performance product manufacturer
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