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Volvo S60R / V70R brake caliper Rear (Left)

Volvo S60R / V70R brake caliper Rear (Left)

Volvo S60R / V70R Brake Caliper Rear (Left)
Position: Left Rear
 Volvo V70R 
 Volvo S60R
Volvo's four-piston caliper which is popular as an upgrade together with brake caliper adapters.
Corresponds to Volvo original number: 8602684, 51432684
 CC mounting holes: 90mm 
 Thread mounting holes: M8x1,5 
 CC mounting holes for edge brake caliper: 95mm (Axial dimensions) 
Mounting surface on spindle or brake caliper adapter to the middle of the caliper: 50mm 
 Gap for brake disc and brake pad: 60mm 
 Total width: 142mm 
 Thread for brake hose: M10x1 female (concave cone seal) 
 Piston size 1: 28mm 
 Piston size 2: 30mm
Bleed nipples are mounted in each corner
Mounting kit purchased separately
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