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XC90 rear - Volvo 2/7/900 Singel Brake caliper adapter

XC90 rear - Volvo 2/7/900 Singel Brake caliper adapter

XC90 - Volvo 2/7/900 Rear brake caliper adapter
Top quality, rigid brake caliper adapter to fit Volvo XC90 rear brake caliper on your Volvo 200 / 700 and 900 chassis
These brake caliper adapters fit perfectly and makes a great brake power upgrade. Brake upgrades cannot be more straight forward than this.
Fits the following brake calipers:
 Volvo XC90 03-14 rear brake calipers
Fits the following brake discs:
 Volvo XC90 03-14 rear brake discs
Fits the Following cars:
 Volvo 200 chassis
 Volvo 700 chassis
 Volvo 900 chassis
Rim size:
 Standard rim size with these brakes is 17”. Depending on rim design the needed size can vary both up and down.
Included hardware:
 Brake caliper adapters
 All necessary bolts
 10mm S355MCD.
 12.9 bolt quality
: You cannot use the standard parking brake in conjunction with this kit.
Andersson Steel Speed
Andersson Steel & Speed develop their own manufactured model specific car parts. Such as brackets to fit gearbox, engine and brakes. The company ASS has been around for years and you can be sure to always get quality products.
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