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Coolerworx Short shift black

Coolerworx Short shift black

Coolerworx Gear lever black
CNC milled lever and body in aluminum
Provides short and distinct gear positions
Colour: Black
rear gear lock Function:
Adjustable stroke (3 holes in the lever)
Possibility to put gear 1-2 and 5-6 under the reverse lock, advantage in operation when you usually switch between 3-4 and avoid misalignment
Fits all bmw boxes with original linkage
Also Audi 01E with some modification, V160 box (most boxes with rear lock)
Max lateral movement on lower bracket ~ 60mm
Maximum movement front / rear on lower bracket ~ 80mm
Width of lower bracket: 21mm
Hole for pin / bolt: 10mm
Height approximately 300mm
Comes with universal console
Standard Version. The difference between PRO vs. Standard shift lever can be seen in the pictures.
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