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Engine mount Volvo 740 / 940 - GM LS V8

Engine mount Volvo 740 / 940 - GM LS V8

Engine mount Volvo 240 - GM LS V8
Very stable engine mounts with double bushings per side to be able to handle the heavy V8 engine with a lot of torque. These mounts are made with several holes to be able to adjust how close the engine comes to the torpedo wall and front carriage beam but still can easily disassemble and install the engine in exactly the same position as before.
You need to grind the front beam to accommodate the oil pan (see picture), alternatively modify the oil pan or put the engine so far back that modification of the gearbox tunnel is needed.
The depth depends on which mode the motor is adjusted to.
The picture shows approximately the deepest you need to cut out.
Used pickup engine, e.g. LM7 / LQ4 you can only use the high intake if it has a "beak hood". Otherwise intake from another car with V8 must be used, e.g. Corvette or a custom intake.
The steering column ends up near the exhaust ports on the driver's side. N/A engine needs to use slim headers.
E.g. cast which are available from slightly different manufacturers. In the case of turbo conversion, its pipes are drawn forward instead, which works better.
Bolt-on transmission beam for GM transmissions: AS-002008-01
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