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Gearbox mount BMW ZF 5vxl - Volvo 240

Gearbox mount BMW ZF 5vxl - Volvo 240

Gearbox Mount BMW ZF 6speed - Volvo 240
Top quality, rigid gearbox mount to fit a BMW ZF 5 speed gearbox in your Volvo 200 series.
This gearbox mount fit perfect in your car and can handle all the power you possibly can produce. Engine / gearbox swap cannot be more straight forward than this.
Bolts directly into Volvo 200 series.
 Used with 5 speed ZF gearboxes from early 90s to 2000.
 Other gearboxes can fit such as BMW 530D GS5-39DZ and the BMW E39 540 / M5S6S-420G 6 speed manual gearbox.
 The Gearbox mount is flexible and can be mounted in several different ways to fit even more gearboxes.
Important notes
Always Make sure that the prop shaft lines perfectly with the support bearing after assembly. If not, the support bearing will wear prematurely and vibrations can occur.
Gearbox mount include
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