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Holset Super HX40 O-ring compressor housing

Holset Super HX40 O-ring compressor housing

O-ring to Holset super HX40 Compressor housing
The O-ring seal between the core and compressor housing.
This o-ring is not included with Super HX40, its bought seperataly, Note that compressor housing can not be turned after o-ring is installed.
Holset Turbochargers
Holset supplies turbochargers to the original market (OEM), both trucks and passenger cars. The Holset has no motorsport division but with a huge product catalog, models such as Super HX35 and Super HX40 as well as Competition have been produced with very good results. Whether you drive, race or rally, Holset has a turbo for your engine.
Example: HX30 HX35 HX40 HX50 HX52 HX55 and HX60.
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