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Hurricane Radiator 800x450mm High flow AN20 Universal (Black)

Hurricane Radiator 800x450mm High flow AN20 Universal (Black)

Radiator High flow AN20 Universal (Silver)
Universal high-flow water cooler from Hurricane motorsport with AN20 connections in each corner to fit your installation optimally.
-Adapt the water cooler to your build and not the other way around!
This water cooler from Hurricane Motorsport takes your cooling system to new levels where you adapt the radiator to your build and not the other way around. This universal cooler has connections that allow you to get the connections exactly as you want.
Location of connections
Top right or top left, bottom right or bottom left? -You choose huw it should look like. With AN20 connections, you have the opportunity to choose the largest or the smallest connection you can imagine. Everything from small to large hose connections and AN connections will fit from now on. No welding or modification needed. everything is threaded on smoothly with o-ring seal adapters.
Type of connections
38mm hose connection, 40mm hose connection, AN fittings or mixed?
The type of connection is also completely flexible. the four AN20 fittings allow you to freely choose which connections to use.
AN fitting inlet and hose connection outlet or vice versa. Everything is flexible with adapters, no welding or modification is needed. Everything is adapted with with o-ring seal fittings.
Boiling systems and header tank systems
Regardless of whether you use a cooling system with Boiling system or a header tank system, this water cooler works as you have two AN20 connections that fit both systems.
Choose adapter with return hose to fit systems with header tanks or choose an adapter radiator cap to fit your boiling system. Here too, everything is prepared so no modification is needed, and everything can easily be threaded in place.
Dimensions (without connections):
Width: 80cm
Height: 45cm
Thickness: 8cm
Core (without connections):
Width: 670mm
Height: 445mm
Thickness: 80mm
Weight 4.5 kilos without connections.
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