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Main bearings Volvo B230 (STD) Glyco

Main bearings Volvo B230 (STD) Glyco

Glyco Main bearings Volvo B230 (STD)
Standard Main bearings for Volvo from Glyco.
Glyco bearings. These are not No-name bearings, this is branded main bearings from Glyco. A cheap insurance to maintain the sustainable concept that the Volvo B230 / B234 is. Glyco main bearings + ACL rod bearings is the unbeatable combination used in all durable B230 / B234 engines.
You use these Main bearings when renovating or tuning the engine.
The kit contain 10 bearing halves.
Two bearing halves have built in axial bearings -as the original.
These bearings are directly interchangeable with the old main bearings that are fitted originally on models from 1988- with 63mm crank.
: 88-
: 240, 940, 760, 740, 340-360
: B200, B230, B234
: 63mm bearing.
Original part number
: 270906, 21430906
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