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Nuke Competition Catch Can 1 liter

Nuke Competition Catch Can 1 liter

Universal Dual inlet Oil Catch Can. The 1,0 liter version exceeds international regulations demanding 1 quart internal volume.
Dual 7/8" AN-10 inlet, dual filtration breather for competition usage as well as for street and tuning usage.
Equipped with 100 micron filter disc, prevents particles from escaping the catch can, filter disc is used both when atmospheric and recirculating setup is used.
• Dual AN-10 inlet ports, comes with plug for single or dual inlet setup
• Stainless Steel filtration media
• 100micron Stainless Steel filter disc
• All needed fittings are included, both for atmospheric and recirculating setup
• Anodized dip stick for easy reading of level
• 1/4 G drainage outlet for fast and easy drainage
The unique Internal Billet Filtration Unit in combination with our recessed filter disc gives you a extremely rigorous filtering of your crankcase gasses.
The “IBFU” includes stainless steel filtration media that maximizes condensation of the contaminations within the gasses without any or minimum flow loss.
The Dual Inlet Competition Catch Can gives you maximum filtration, with a 100mic filter disc with its own surge protection mounted to the outlet port making this the first Catch Can that can be used both for atmospheric and recirculating setup without adding an external filter on top. All fittings included for both setups.
The over dimensioned chamber without any additional baffling lets the gasses to flow free within the catch can. The Competition Catch Can comes in two sizes, 0,5 liter and 1,0 liter (1,06 quart).
Stainless steel bracket, infinitely rotatable at 360 degrees.
Use in combination with our drainage kit including fittings, peacock valve and hose to make drainage fast and easy.
Measurements :
1,0 liter Catch Can
Height : 239,5 mm
Width : 89 mm
Depth : 108,5 mm
Weight : 1400 g
Nuke Performance
Nuke performance is one of the major players in aftermarket products for cars. They have been on the market for 10+ years and deliver products all over the world. This is proof that the products maintain a high standard and have been tested for many years.
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