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Turn extention kit BMW E9X / E8X - PnP

Turn extention kit BMW E9X / E8X - PnP

Turn extention kit BMW E9X / E8X - PnP
The subject of the sale is a complete turn extension kit from the BMW E9X / E8X series.
The set is based on adapters of original switches, thanks to which the assembly is simple and does not require any interference with the braking system or the vehicle body.
Adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high quality finish and 100% matching of the adapter to the steering knuckle and pin ends. The adapters are made of aluminum 7075, which demonstrates the strength of structural steel while maintaining a lower weight.
The swingarm is laser cut from structural steel and bent on a numerically controlled machine, armed with uniball joints with conical mounting sleeves.
In addition, the set is equipped with high quality rocker pins and complete steering rods.
If you want to reduce the camber angle, which will be around 8-9 degrees when using standard Camber plates, buy our plates with a wider range of settings. As a result, the tilt angle can be reduced to 4-5 degrees.
When assembling the kit, nothing needs to be cut, welded or grinded, everything is Plug & Play, the operation is fully reversible, the body remains intact.
The customized lock kit for the BMW E8X / E9X series includes:
The kit requires the removal of the front stabilizer from the vehicle and is intended for use during closed drifting events on secured facilities!
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