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Braided cable sleeve stainless 45mm

Braided cable sleeve stainless 45mm

Flexible cable sock in stainless steel.
Steel braided protective sleeve are braided stainless steel wires that are in pairs of 6 for best wear resistance, flexibility and heat protection.
Perfect for protecting hoses and cables that are often too close to heat sources. Both hoses and cables as well as media that travel in hoses are negatively affected by heat radiation and accelerate aging. Therefore, heat protection is appropriate.
Steel braided protective sleeve can handle all chemicals such as fuels and oils e.g.
The stainless steel sleeve can withstand extreme temperatures that no hoses or cables do. It is primarily intended as wear protection but also counteracts the worst heat radiation that occurs in turbos, manifolds and exhaust systems.
A steel braided protective sleeve is very flexible in size. You will find the maximum outer diameter of the hose that fits in the sleeve in the measurement table below:
The size specified is the recommended maximum outer diameter of the hose or cable to be used in the sleeve.
In neutral condition, the sock is about one meter.
If you pull out the sock, it will be longer but with a smaller inner diameter.
If you compress the sock, it will be shorter but with a larger inner diameter.
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