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Braided heat protection sleeve for cables 10mm

Braided heat protection sleeve for cables 10mm

Braided cable sleeving for flexibility and good heat protection.
Perfect for protecting hoses and cables that are often too close to heat sources. Both hoses and cables as well as media that travel in hoses are negatively affected by heat radiation and accelerate aging. Therefore, heat protection is appropriate.
Braided cable sock can handle all chemicals such as fuels and oils e.g.
The cable sock itself can withstand temperatures upwards of 1000 degrees but should not be used in extreme conditions with turbo units or manifolds as it is braided for flexibility and then does not work as well as ordinary heat protection sock or the one in silicone that is tight in construction.
A braided spiral wrap is very flexible in size and when bending.
This braided cable sock is unique and should NOT be confused with braided nylon sock which is the market standard and starts to lose its properties already at 100 degrees and melts at 180 degrees.
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