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Fuel hose AN10 (push-on)

Fuel hose AN10 (push-on)

High quality fuel hose. Designed for Push On AN hose ends and AN fittings. It is called Push On because the hose locks over the fitting without using a clamp. This hose also works great for use in fuel systems where you want to secure with a standard hose clamp over a barb o similiar.
We always recomend using a clamp.
 Approved for all fuels (gasoline, E85, Methanol, Diesel) 
 Approved for oil glycol.
 Maximum recommended working pressure: 17 bar 
 Operating temperature: -40 to 100 degrees
Inside Dimensions: 16,00mm 
 Dimensions: 23,90mm
 Note! If fuel or liquid exceeds 70 degrees working temperature you should always lock the hose wit a clamp on the push-on fitting because the hose expands a bit at higher temperatures.
We always recommend using PTFE hose in fuel applications.
 Price per meter. 
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