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Fuel pump 340 black for E85

Fuel pump 340 black for E85

A rebuilt Bosch 044 pump adapted to handle ethanol (E85) and optimized for better flow.
This fuel pump has an average of about 5 times the lifetime with E85 as a regular Bosch 044 pump.
One of the very few inline fuel pumps on the market that is made for ethanol.
This fuel pump, of course, works equally well on gasoline.
Flow at 13,5V:
340L/H @ 3bar
310L/H @ 4 bar
275L/H @ 5bar
210L/H @ 6,5bar
Maximum working pressure: 9 bar.
Ranks over 800hp on gasoline and over 600hp on E85.
Inlet female: M18 x 1.5
Outlet female: M12 x 1.5
Diameter: 60mm
Voltage: 12V
2,1bar - 9,8 A
3 bar - 11,6 A
4 bar - 12,8 A
5 bar - 13,5 A
6 bar - 14,7 A
7 bar - 16,2 A
Mounted outside the tank. External fuel pump.
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