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Hydraulic realese bearing (Adjustable)

Hydraulic realese bearing (Adjustable)

Hydraulic thrust bearing (Adjustable) 215 - 240mm
An adjustable clutch bearing that is hydraulic 184mm and 200mm couplings. Tenaci's adjustable Hydraulic thrust bearings are suitable for Tenaci, Tilton, ACE Racing, Quartermaster ,, Sachs and AP racing and more. A universal layer with different hole patterns to fit most boxes with a little modification. Adjustable lengthwise / height to fit different clutch kits and different gearboxes.
Fits the following gearboxes:
Toyota V160 gearbox
BMW ZF gearbox *
* If you use a ZF box, you must remove the sleeve on which the original release bearing slides.
Fits the following clutch sizes:
Bolt pattern / dimensions:
3 bolt holes in the middle - 60x60x73mm CC
4 bolt holes 94mm CC
4 bolt holes 97mm CC
4 bolt holes 107mm CC
Inner diameter of the sleeve: ~36.2 mm
The bolt holes are 6.5 mm large
The construction is 70mm completely screwed together and 95mm fully screwed out.
If you have unscrewed the bearing about 80mm or more, it is recommended that you also lock with a hook nut (see related products below)
Inlet and outlet on the bearing is AN3 (3/8 -24) female with concave seal at the bottom if you want to use a nipple that is convex. It is also possible to use a banjo and seal with a washer against the bearing body.
Master cylinder:
You can have almost any master cylinder as long as you think of two things. The cylinder must not be so small that the liquid is not enough, but this is unusual as most couplings are low-lift and do not need much stroke. Secondly, you must have a pedal stop so you do not break the fan and bearings.
A large cylinder produces a slower pedal but a smaller pedal path before disengagement. A small cylinder provides a lightly pedaled but long pedal path before disengagement.
Large cylinder in this case is 0.75 "and small is 0.625". There is then something in between called 0.7 "if you want something in between.
General information:
This is a universal trampling bearing but fits on some boxes with a little modification and other boxes with more modification. This is a product that facilitates the connection construction enormously.
. Since the bearing fits on many different gearboxes with many different clutch cylinders, a pedal stop or so-called clutch stop must be used so that both the spring on the pressure plate and the bearing are not broken. This is adjusted during assembly and applies to all aftermarket products for clutches.
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