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Intercooler (700x300x102) 3' connection

Intercooler (700x300x102) 3' connection

Used to effectively cool the intake air from turbo to engine. Also called FMIC (front mounted intercooler). One of the most important parameters for an efficient engine is low intake temperature. This can be achieved in many different ways and with an efficient intercooler / charge air cooler, you have come a long way. This intercooler is a combination of compact design and efficiency.
Bar and plate construction that's widely used all over the world in applications from industry to motorsport. These cores have soft transitions that minimize pressure drop and uneven distribution of air throughout the intercooler core. The efficiency of these coolers is high! -You get a lot of cooling for your money!
The end tanks is made of cast aluminum and designed to be as compact as possible with retained flow. The round shapes distribute the air to the core to obtaint maximum cooling efficiency. Robust construction that allows easy welding of own intercooler brackets or fittings for sensors and blow off valves.
Width: 870mm
Core: 700x300x102mm
Connections: 76mm (3´)
Construction: Bar and plate
Material: Aluminum
Mounting: 4x M8 threads, two on top and two under
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