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Trippel Fuel pump 340 black Ethanol with SPD bracket

Trippel Fuel pump 340 black Ethanol with SPD bracket

Three piece kit Fuel pump 340 black E85 fuel pumps and SPD triple mount bracket.
"A rebuilt Bosch 044 pump adapted to handle ethanol (E85) and optimized for better flow.
This fuel pump has an average of about 5 times the lifetime running Ethanol / E85 as a regular Bosch 044 pump.
One of the very few inline fuel pumps on the market that completely is made for ethanol.
This fuel pump, of course, works equally well on gasoline. "
Flows: 340 liters / h at 3bar / per fuel pump
300 liters / h at 5bar / per fuel pump
This is enough for over 1800hp on Ethanol.
Inlet female: M18 x 1.5
Outlet female: M10 x 1.0 (check valve). M12 x 1,5 (without check valve)
Diameter: 60mm
Voltage 12V
Can be used with SPD full flow check valves. (optional)
2 years full warranty on this fuel pump.
SPD performance parts
SPD Performance Parts are quality products for oil, air, water and fuel systems. Developed to meet the highest demands of motorsports. All products are carefully tested both in virtual and controlled environments, as well as on the street and race track where they will ultimately be used. SPD products are developed and tested by experienced technicians as well as racing drivers to maximize functionality and reliability. With these extensive tests, the same high function is also ensured over long periods of time.
When such extensive tests are made to ensure quality over time, the full 5-year full warranty is given on all SPD AN-fittings and up to 3 years on other SPD products. Even for those who use them in racing and the most demanding motorsports. SPD performance parts are probably the only ones having such generous guarantees on motorsport products.
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